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Room 29 Welcome Letter





Dear Parents of Room 29:


Hello!  Welcome to 5th grade!  My name is Mrs. Garcia, and I am so excited to be your child's 5th grade teacher.

I have been an elementary school teacher for 13 years. I have taught 5th, 4th and 2nd grade.  This will be my 7th year teaching 5th grade. I am passionate about working with children, and I am looking forward to a productive year full of learning, emotional development, and fun. 


What to Expect in 5th Grade

Fifth grade is a very momentous and exciting year for students.  In addition to relying heavily on fundamental math and reading concepts learned in previous grades, students will learn many new skills that will serve as a foundation for their middle school years and beyond. 


In math 5th graders will focus on core standards that include  algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis & probability.


Students will continue to be active readers. They will be reading more complex texts and vocabulary, and analyzing readings. They will also learn how to identify themes, text features, text evidence, figurative language, author's point of view and much more.  This year we will read three novels together as a class to reinforce the reading curriculum. 


Students will write several papers so that they become clear and effective writers. They will learn how to write for specific audiences and purposes.


In social studies 5th graders will learn about the Early European Explorers, The Colonial Period, U.S Geography, Government and the American Revolution! 


In Science, out units will cover the physical, life, earth and space sciences!

Fifth grade is also a transitional year where students must learn to become organized as they prepare for middle school. 


I am confident that with your child's full cooperation, your child will have a productive and memorable year. 


Parent / Guardian Survey

On the first day of school your child will be bringing home a Parent Survey (completing it is optional).  I would like you to fill out and turn in through your child.  The survey provides me with important information that may otherwise go unmentioned. The surveys are confidential and for me only.  It is important for me, and imperative to my teaching, that I know all I can about my students.  If you are uncomfortable answering any of the questions please feel free to leave them blank.  Blank surveys can also be found on my webpage under the link  Current Assignments, "Parent Surveys."


I'm looking forward to meeting my new students and their families very soon.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me an email. I hope you have all had a safe and relaxing summer. 



Mrs. Garcia 


Classroom Wish List





Hello Parents:


We are in need of the following items.  If you are able to donate even just one thing from the list below it would be very much appreciated!


Thank you!



Anti-bacterial desk wipes, (not to be used on hands) Clorox, Lysol, Target brand etc.


Paper towels


Number 2 pencils


Box of red pens




Single subject notebooks (pack of 4)

Single subject notebooks (pack of 4)

Single subject notebooks (pack of 4)

Single subject notebooks (pack of 4)

Single subject notebooks (pack of 4)


Lisa Garcia Locker

Lisa Garcia

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Current Assignments

About Me

About Me


I started teaching for LAUSD in 2000. My first job was in East LA at a wonderful school called Belvedere Elementary School. I worked there for 6 amazing and memorable years. I left teaching to stay home with my  daughter who is now 14 and starting high school this year. In between Belvedere and Van Deene I worked at St. Catherine Laboure School (SCL) in Torrance. I worked at SCL for 6 (also amazing and memorable) years. 


I earned my bachelor's degree in history from the University of Colorado at Denver and my masters in Public Administration from California State University at Northridge.  I earned my teaching credential through LAUSD's District Intern Program.


I'm originally from Connecticut. I've been living in Los Angeles for twenty years.  I currently live in Torrance with my husband Tony, daughter Frances, cat Smokey and dog Boomer.

In my spare time you can usually find me walking my dog on the Esplanade, reading a great book or chauffeuring my daughter around town to soccer practice. I love to cook (mostly Italian food) and I love to eat! I love to watch Netflix originals with my husband. We are currently into British crime series.


I am so excited to be working at Van Deene and cannot wait to get to know everyone in the Van Deene community!